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63-67# Xingye Plywood Market, Houjie Town, Dong guan City, China. 523960.

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Production Line

Flat Cut - veneers are produced from logs that are cut in half, length-wise. Each half is then moved back and forth on a carriage against a stationary knife creating thin strips of veneer with similar grain patterns. These strips are later glued back together to create whole sheets of spliced veneer.


Rotary Cut -veneers are produced when the entire log is turned by a computer-controlled hydraulic lathe at high speed against a specialized knife. This method, commonly used for plywood manufacturing, results in a continuous ribbon of veneer which can be left as “whole pieces”, but is more commonly cut into specified widths that will be pieced together later into a spliced veneer.


Rift Cut - veneers are similar to the “flat cut” discussed above, however the logs are cut into quarters lengthwise, and then sliced at a 90 degree angle to the grain to minimize any irregularities in the wood. This method creates a fine pencil-strip effect, and is generally reserved (along with flat-cut veneers) for higher grades of panel.


At VicWin Wood, we have created a well organized environment of research and development, with a self-consistent of understanding management, a scientific logic and technical approaches that are cooperative, contemporary, encourage and responsible to the ever-increasing needs of customers. The production of veneer requires a conscientious selection of raw materials and further processing. The R&D department of the VicWin Wood Group will continue to fulfill these expectations as it continues to pursue new products and technologies.

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  • 63-67# Xingye Plywood Market, Houjie Town, Dong guan City, China. 523960.
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