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Good Quality Natural Wood Veneer on sale Good Quality Okoume Wood Veneer on sale
One of the reasons we decided to order from Vicwin was the great customer service and prompt delivery.

—— Hasan

I really appreciated the good quality of your Sycamore & also your hard works through out the whole process. Thank you.

—— Karl

The quality and service of Vicwin is especially good so that I will never hesitate to buy again if necessary!

—— Herlina

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Company News

[2013-09-22 15:46:13]
Mindy veneer, originated from south of China and Burma, it has a nice grains with uniform pale brown color. The most popular grain form of mindy veneer is crown cut. The better logs display a uniform cathedral crown with clean, straight stripes. The annual growth rings are often strongly defined and ...     Read More

[2013-09-22 15:42:32]
The thin and thick edgebanding can be made here. Thin Edgebanding is offered in standard refinements such as preglued, sanded, as well as back fleeced sanded. Thick veneer edge banding in continuous rolls can be produced by the way of Multilayered. The multilayered construction with finger jointed ...     Read More

[2013-09-22 15:40:48]
Veneer is a thin covering applied to the surface of another object in order to conceal its true appearance. It is typically more attractive than the object itself, and is used to enhance aesthetic appeal or improve value. Veneer is most commonly used in woodworking. Wood veneer is a layer of wood ...     Read More

[2013-09-22 15:39:56]
Rotary is the process of peeling the entire long. Turning the log, while shaving the veneer as it turns produces Rotary Cut veneer. This process is the only cutting method that is capable of producing whole piece face veneers. Rotary cut will yield veneer with a broad grain pattern with no plain ...     Read More

[2013-06-14 20:43:35]
非洲桃花芯树叉,卡雅楝树叉 African Mahogany Crotch KHAYA IVORENSIS 紫檀木,非洲珊瑚木,非洲紫檀木 African Padouk PTEROCARPUS SOYAUXII 非洲红豆树,高美木豆,西非红豆树,金柚木 Afrormosia PERICOPSIS ELATA 米仔兰 Aglaia AGLAIA SPP 桤木 Alder ALNUS GLUTINOSA 黄柏木(青龙木)树榴,纳拉 Amboyna Burl PTEROCARPUS INDICUS 樱桃,美洲樱桃,黑樱桃 American Black Cherry PRUNUS SEROTINA 胡...     Read More
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